About The Double D Foundation

The Double D Foundation, launched by Daniel Defense Executive Vice President, wife, and mother, Cindy Daniel, is the product of a vision rooted in the protection of the Constitution. The Double D Foundation’s purpose is demonstrated by its mission statement:

The mission of The Double D Foundation is to protect the Second Amendment by growing the number of Americans involved in shooting sports, who understand the fundamentals of firearm safety, and who share the core belief that the Second Amendment Defends the Rest.

Cindy, alongside her husband and business partner, Marty Daniel, own Daniel Defense. They have both spent years in the shooting sports community. Their journey has taken them all over the United States. They have worked with students, firearms instructors, corporate leaders, and the President and Vice President of the United States to advocate for the Second Amendment. Their dedication to giving the next generations access to shooting sports, its fundamentals, and its purpose is unwavering.

The Double D Foundation, a non-profit organization, is supported by corporate or individual sponsors, donations, and events. Every penny raised supports shooting sports initiatives through grants, events, and donations. With hard work and perseverance, the Foundation will introduce Americans to the joys that come with shooting, whether it be self-defense, hunting, shooting sports, and gun safety.

A Letter from The Double D Foundation Founder, Cindy Daniel


Americans are divided about the role the Second Amendment plays in today’s society. With more than twenty years of experience in the firearm industry, I’ve learned that most “anti-gunners” are largely misinformed. Most have never shot a firearm nor understand the reasons why many Americans use firearms. Most know very little about the history of the Second Amendment and question why it is part of our Constitution.

This is especially true among young Americans. Many of today’s young people have never learned that guns are a useful and enjoyable tool when safely used. Many have never held a firearm, gone hunting, or spent time on a gun range. For many, the closest they’ve come to a firearm is through a video game or movie.

These young Americans have never felt the surge of adrenaline that comes with that first real trigger pull, smelled gunpowder, or experienced the confidence of practicing proper firearms safety. They are missing out on the excitement of shooting sports and the ability to control their personal safety.

At The Double D Foundation, we believe that shooting sports have an extremely positive impact on young people. These sports teach firearm safety, personal responsibility, and that the right to defend oneself is a basic human right.

Our fundraising efforts help us promote the importance of our mission and the benefit they have for our fellow Americans. The Double D Foundation is committed to keeping our costs in order to send as many resources as possible to young shooters through our grant recipients.

With our country divided on the Second Amendment, we will work tirelessly for freedom and to keep shooting sports alive. As the founder of The Double D Foundation, a mother, hunter, business owner, 2A advocate, and someone who just loves to shoot, I am excited about the opportunities we have to advance freedom through shooting sports.


Cindy Daniel
Founder, The Double D Foundation