About The Double D Foundation

The Double D Foundation, launched by Daniel Defense Executive Vice President, wife, and mother, Cindy Daniel, is the product of a vision.  Like all charitable organizations, the Double D Foundation has a purpose; one that’s rooted in the Constitution, as demonstrated by its mission statement:

The mission of The Double D Foundation is to protect the Second Amendment by growing the number of Americans involved in shooting sports, who understand the fundamentals of firearm safety, and who share the core belief that the Second Amendment Defends the Rest.

Cindy, along with her husband and business partner, Marty Daniel, who own and operate Daniel Defense, has spent years within the shooting sports community.  Their journey has taken them all over the United States, where they have met with everyone from students, to firearms instructors, to corporate leaders, and even the President and Vice President of the United States.  Their advocacy for the Second Amendment is unwavering, and their mission includes mentoring and giving the next generations access to shooting sports, its fundamentals, and its purpose.

Funds raised by The Double D Foundation, from corporate or individual sponsors, donations, and events, will go back into shooting sports initiatives through grants, events, etc.  With hard work and perseverance, we’ll introduce America’s youth and people of all ages to the joys that come with shooting, whether it be self-defense, hunting, shooting sports, or first-timers learning the fun of shooting and gun safety. Most importantly, it’s imperative for all armed citizens to know that our right to bear arms has and will continue to protect our other God-given inalienable rights.


A Letter from The Double D Foundation Founder, Cindy Daniel


Americans are divided about the role guns and the Second Amendment should play in today’s society. Having worked in the firearms industry for over twenty years, I’ve learned that a lot of “anti-gunners” are largely misinformed. Most have never shot a gun nor see any reason why a typical citizen would ever want or need to. Most know very little about the history of the Second Amendment and wonder why it’s still part of our Constitution.

This is especially true among today’s youth. Unlike earlier times, most haven’t been exposed to the idea that guns can be a useful and enjoyable tool. Many have never held a real firearm, gone hunting, or tried to hit a target at a gun range. Perhaps the closest they’ve come to shooting a gun is virtually through an online video game.

What this also means is that they’ve never felt the surge of adrenaline that comes with that first real trigger pull. They’ve never smelled the gun powder. They’ve never experienced the power and confidence that come with understanding and practicing proper firearms safety. Not only are they missing out on enjoying the excitement of shooting sports, but by definition, they’re opting to let others be responsible for their personal safety.

At the Double D Foundation, we believe that shooting sports participation can have an extremely positive impact on young people and that the right to defend one’s self is a basic human right. That’s why the mission of the Double D Foundation is to protect the Second Amendment by growing the number of Americans involved in shooting sports, who understand the fundamentals of firearms safety, and who share in the core belief that the Second Amendment Defends the Rest.

Today there is a tremendous opportunity to make an impact on young people and the greater shooting sports community. It is for this reason that we’ve created The Double D Foundation, a non-profit aimed at defending the Second Amendment through education and growing the number of Americans involved in shooting sports.

The need for funding is more important than ever. Our fundraising efforts, be it our annual banquet, shooting competition, Founders Club, Corporate Sponsorship opportunities or individual donations will acknowledge the importance of our mission and the benefit it will have to our citizens. And by keeping our overhead low and leveraging volunteers, more of the funds we raise will directly benefit our grant recipients.

The shooting sports community is a tight-knit family spread across many different categories. My husband, Marty, and son, Connor, and I take part in many different activities from quail and pheasant hunting, guided hunts, to sporting clays, skeet & trap, and sometimes, we just like to shoot targets at 100 yards. In addition to our volunteer responsibilities for our son’s school shooting team, we have sponsored multiple youth teams to ensure they have the available resources needed for success.

With our country divided and uncertainty at its highest, our mission is critical to protect freedom and keep shooting sports alive. As the founder of The Double D Foundation, and as a mother, hunter, business owner, 2A advocate, and someone who just loves to shoot, I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.


Cindy Daniel
Founder, The Double D Foundation